Root canal treatment in adajan surat. It is a procedure to remove tooth pulp(nerve) to treat infection and pain. once tooth pulp is removed tooth becomes dead and there is no pain in tooth. after RCT in most of the cases it is mandatory to give a cro

Dental ImplantA broken tooth was removed and in the same sitting a dental implant was placed in place of broken tooth. And on the same day patient was given new temporary tooth on implant. Implants are best way to replace your missing or broken t

Giving hope to hopeless tooth. Root canal treatmentComposite filling Emax partial crown to save maximum tooth structure. Added 10 more years to tooth life.

Story of a young boy with broken front tooth.Treatment plan:# Root canal treatment and #Tooth Veneer at #puredentalclinic. Restoring smile with care - trust- confidence.www.puredentalclinic.com9724319789

Dental diamond is fixed on front surface of the tooth with a chemical. its totally harm free and infection free. diamond can be removed anytime when patient want. It is a cosmetic procedure and also a fashion trend. different colors of diamonds are a

Dentist are not expensive but negligence is.More you delay your treatment more you pay and more you suffer pain.Early visit to dentist can save you lots of money and can avoid lots of pain.Visit dentist every 6 months to chew with your natur

Happy HOLI to one and all.

Replacements of missing front tooth.A dental bridge can bring tour smile and confidence back .No pain , only gain.

Bleaching (Teeth whitening)Bleaching is procedure to whiten your natural teeth. We apply bleaching gel on teeth and leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off. This procedure is repeated for 2 to 3 times. It is cosmetic treatment and may require again

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