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Wisdom teeth arrive at age between 18-22. Usually there is lack of space in jaw when it erupts. So many times it happens that they come in angulated position or sometimes stay blocked. this causes pain and swelling and head ache to patient. so it is necessary to get them removed for permanent relief. sometimes even after coming in proper position they cause cheek biting. under this situation it is advisable to remove them.

Clear Aligners are latest treatment modality to correct irregularly placed teeth . It is a substitute to orthodontic braces in certain cases. So now " NO MORE BRACES". its a multiple transparent plates which patient has to wear for several months to get the teeth alignment right. this transparent does job of a braces. so this aligners are more patient friendly and cosmetic tool for orthodontic treatment.

Once there is cavity inn tooth , it has to be cleaned and filled with filling material. Composite is tooth colored material to fill the cavity after cleaning. it exactly matches the color of the tooth so that it doesnt look artificial. Most of the time its is painless if cavity is not deep and doesnt require anesthesia.however in some cases anesthesia is needed. Patient can eat normally immediately after treatment.

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Dr. Bhumik Patel

Dental implants and Smile designing


Dental surgeon practicing since 9 years. specialized in dental implant and smile designing. provides all kind of dental treatments. Have completed numerous academic work shops and training modules.

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Full mouth rehabilitation:An wellknown lawyer of city visited us for multiple teeth problems and multiple missing teeth. We at Pure dental clinic suggested him Full mouth rehabilitation with 5 impla

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